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The Complete Hero London Projections take place from 4 - 10 November 2009. Complete Hero explores and celebrates contemporary ideas of heroism with contributions from men and women of the Household Division, from the public, and from writers, thinkers and performers.

The project is the new public art work from Martin Firrell (‘London's most prolific public artist' International Herald Tribune).

The Guards’ Chapel – destroyed in WW2 during Sunday morning worship in 1944 and rebuilt in 1963 – makes a poignant backdrop for this exploration of the meaning and value of heroism in our lives.

November’s projections onto the Chapel's exterior will present text, lighting effects that honour the Chapel's modernist architecture, and video interview extracts. The Complete Hero projections will be free for all to view and represent an historic first: the first collaboration between a public artist and the historic Guards’ Chapel site where the first service was held in 1838.

Below, you can contribute your own ideas about heroism, its meaning and importance to our times, to help inspire the final form of the 2009 London Projections.


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Ivy said...

i was disgusted today to see ads on tv that said being sensitive was not manly. they have dedicated a whole website to it. it is for selling cars i think, but it doesnt say that in all of the ads.

it disgusts me that they are proudly putting this on te tv as what men should be

Anonymous said...

For my money, there is no better exapmle of heroism, then the one that Jen and the Community HERO kids are setting.

My husband walked out on my 5 year old daughter and me not a couple of weeks ago, taking the car and cleaning out the bank account as he left.

And now, thanks to Jen and the kids, (and their school supplies boxes), my daughter has a wonderful backpack, all the supplies she needs, and even a Cookie Monster shirt, to start school in. They may not wear capes or tights, but they've given my daughter a chance to really enjoy one of the most important days of her life: her first day of school.

Thank you so much Jen. You've turned a day that could have been a nightmare into a memory that will last a lifetime. You and the kids are changing lives, and I hope you're very proud.

Kara Zor-El said...

Every time I read something about Jen, it brings tears to my eyes. She is truly a Paradigm. She is what all heroes aspire to be. If Angels walk amongst us on this planet, Jen is one of them.

Jen said...

For all the lovely people out there who insist on sending me wonderful messages saying terribly nice things and making my day over and over again, I leave you a quote from Sirius Black....

"The world isn’t divided into good people and death eaters. We all have light and dark. It’s how we choose to live our lives that’s important.”

Thanks guys for making me feel like I've made the right choice.

-Jen (Who will learn to take a compliment one day.)

Kara Zor-El said...

War, unfortunately is a necessary evil. It may not always be, but right now it is. War is never black and white. There are both sides to a war and each side believes in their hearts they are right. Otherwise, it would not be a war at all.

I don't like politics. I really don't. So I will not discuss the views of both sides. I will just say that I believe our troops are Heroes.

They may have had various reasons for joining the military or volunteering once the war had begun. These reasons are theirs so I will not delve into them. But they are serving our country. They have joined an organization that fights for the right for us to have opinions, to be in the land of the free, to choose our leaders, to be able to blog about this very subject without worries of being hunted down by soldiers like Kimmie Weeks was in my other blog. They never picked the battlefield; they never decided that Saddam had WMDs. They are giving of them selves for a cause. They are heroes. I want them back here in the States where they will be reasonably safe because men and women like themselves over the last two centuries bled for it.

Now that is out of the way, I do not see war vanishing from our planet in the near future. But with people like all of you that are working so hard supporting heroes, helping change the world with a kind gesture to someone, being angels that tread amongst men and women, can help make the time span between wars increase in steps. Guiding people over time to find other ways to resolve conflict and therefore making war a last resort can make those steps. Teach the young and they will carry the lessons forward. We may not be able to eliminate war completely but we may be able to spread its occurrence out far enough that some generations will never experience it. This is a reasonable goal to achieve. These are baby steps and soon we will be walking. Once that is achieved, then we can hope that the next step is no war at all. Then we will be flying.

Anonymous said...

I see I'm not the only one here who's left some comments about Jen....

My name is Marion, my son David is 12, and has little to no use of his legs due to a massive car accident when he was quite young. Ostracized by his friends, David was becoming quite depressed until the day that Jen found him.

That wonderful girl runs a therapeutic riding program out of her own stable, and charges nothing for it. Insisted that David come along. When he arrived, she introduced him to Stardust, a horse that she had rescued. She helped him up, and my son has been horse crazy ever since. There isn't a day when he doesn't want to go to the barn, and his outlook, (not to mention his grades) have gone uphill ever since.

Jen, you gave David the chance to feel included. You are amazing.


Keri said...

I have been blessed in the fact that virtually every male in my family has been some sort of hero. None of them ever resorted to force unless it truly was a last resort - and I don't know if that's ever even happened for most of them. They all understand that compassion and wisdom and love and generosity are what is truly important - not physical strength, but emotional strength. They didn't succumb to some misguided sense of machismo. My husband was willing to postpone his career and raise our children while I worked, because that was what made the most sense for us as a family, and was best for the children. He was mocked, called weak, teased mercilessly. But he knew in his heart that he was doing the right thing, and he never gave up. As a result, my children have a beautiful relationship with their father. I'm sure one day soon, he will be their hero - just as he's mine.

Bailey Sweet said...

I am so excited for the Female Edition of Hero.

There are so many female heroes past and present who deserve recognition.

The first female to run in a presidential election? Is thought of as butch, bitchy, and controlling. Without a chance

An actress who parades around half naked, drives drunk, and is addicted to cocaine? Is thought of as a role model.

What kind of world do we live in where the real heroic women of the world are out shined by flimsy "women" who do not deserve to even be thought of.

Young girls of today, myself included being only 18, need women who they can look up to and say "Wow, she stands for something great, she IS great".

Like Rosa Parks, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Hilary Clinton or Condelizza Rice if you swing that way ;). Female authors, Policewomen, Firewomen, Artists, Activists, Single mothers who do anything for their children.

THAT is heroic to me and I hope Hero 4 can bring a well deserved light upon this situation.

Kara said...

I am posting this because reading about Nickole Evans has left an impression on me. She is a peacemaker and one of my Heroes now. The words below are not mine but belong to Ethan Stone.

"Nickole Evans is the most wonderful person I have ever met. She's shown me so many things about life that I don't even know where to begin describing her!

One of the reasons why Nickole is my Angel Hero is because of her undying devotion to other people. I have noticed that no matter what, she always cares for others more than she does for herself. Always involved in youth volunteer activities, Nickole is motivated for social change. Her strongest issue is promoting peace.

By meeting Nickole, I've come to realize a lot of things about life and how it should be lived. Knowing that there is someone like her who is working towards a better world helps me to promote change as well. Nickole has inspired me to follow her example, and try to help others to make our world a safer and more peaceful planet.

Nickole is my personal Angel; she has changed my life in more ways than I can count. I hope that others may see her example and be affected as I have, so that someday everyone will realize the dream of peace in our world."

Beautifully Said Ethan.

I highly recommend you Google Nickole Evans when you get a chance. She is an accomplished hero.

Sophie said...

A hero is more than what he does, he is also defined by what he doesn't do. Some people can be helpful one moment, and casually abusive the next. A real hero never does this. Never.

Thank you to all the heroes (men and women) who, without being asked, and without resentment, support and help me evey day. Life would be much harder, and no fun, without you.

mich said...

a hero is some-one who stands up for what they believe in and helps the helpless from bullys and they don't ask for anything in return there just happy to help most of the time they are the unsung heros that never get credit when need and who also survive on them selves

Anonymous said...

I am glad I found a site like this. This project has touched me and gives me a glimmer of hope that there are still good people out there. I've only read a few posts, but I am amazed at the response to this. Throughout my life, I've wondered what this world was coming to, war, famine, cruelty, hatred, greed, the list goes on. What kind of people are we that we choose to steal money from those that we cure. What kind of people are we that we do not practice common decency on a daily basis. What kind of people are we that we do not question OUR chosen government. Why do we live in fear? Why do we need to make large sums of money to feel good about ourselves? I'll admit, I am guilty of hippocracy, but I still believe that deep down inside, I am a good person. My mother and father are my heroes. My father taught me life lessons that i would be proud to pass on to my children...Be kind, be honest, be responsible, be generous, be a good person, work hard and live your own life and no one elses. Though what makes my father my hero, is the love he shows to a son who has dis-owned him. My mother, forced into early retirement due to loss of vision still live a vibrant life without the use of her eyes. She fought to see me grow up to a point where i could support myself, she taught me basic skills that will stay with me forever. This post is dedicated to the memory of my mother and the continued support from my father. they are my heroes and even though there isn't a memorial for them, i still honor them everyday.

Adam Dyer said...

I openly admit that I read comic books. They are my escape. A quiet respite where seeing words in balloons over colored cells makes all the noise and pain of the world wash away. I know that violence is wrong in every sense of the word, and there is no upside to it. I guess that's why when I read comics I like to see the good guys beat up the bad guys. I'm just aching for violence to be used in a good way. Because, honestly, it can't in the real world.

Rich said...

I found this by accident today, and I am so glad I did. There is something here that answers a deep need I have. I get so frustrated with the modern idea of what a man is and how it differs from what I feel it could be. The idea of redefining what it means to be a hero, and what it means to be a man, is something I want to be a part of.

To me, a man can stand up for himself without needing a gun in his hand to do it.

A man can show his emotions openly, even cry, and not be ashamed of it.

A man can take 'no' for an answer.

My father taught me that violence and anger only create more violence and anger, and my memories of him are either of raised voices or total indifference.

In raising my three daughters, I have dreams. That they can someday remember that I talked with them instead of yelling at them. That they always know I love them, every day of their lives. That I set a good example for them of the types of men they look for in their lives, as husbands and fathers of their own children. That they know I worked to give them what they wanted and needed, and to make them as happy as I could. If I can make these dreams real, then I have succeeded.

If, someday, my daughters see me as a hero, then I am one.

Rich Stoehr
Bremerton, Washington
August 19, 2007

Louise said...

A hero acts through his heart. Sometimes he might not even know that in fact he is a hero. There are heroes all around us. Just as there are Miracles. I consider heroes a miracle.

William said...

We relish news of our heroes, forgetting that we are extraordinary to somebody too...

William said...

William didn't say that, Helen Hayes did but William thinks it says it all...

Rebecca Ross said...

What an amazing project for Nathan to be a part of and for Martin for coming up with this.

Sometimes I think the world will never change, then I remember I have a voice and my voice can and will be heard!!!!
Rebecca Ross Ontario Canada

Country Girl said...

I can't believe how much violence is in schools today. We spend 4 years teaching our children manners and to be kind to others. But as soon as they get into school, they learn foul language, cruelty to others, and how to take what they want, when they want it. So essentially, school is undoing what us parents installed into our children, from kindergarden all the way to their senior year.

Brandon said...

The imaginary distinction between "us" and "them" is the root of much malice and intolerance. How then could you justify your hate with the knowledge that there is only "us", and that there never was a "them".

To bare speech before thought is to bang the hammer before finding the nail. The sound you make and the marks you leave serve only to destroy, never to create.

Kyle Harker said...

Throughout human history we have been, without a doubt, a violent race. The want for power and wealth has corrupted our society and still does so to this day. The majority of people think only about themselves and dictate their actions based on what or where it will get them.

I believe that now, we need to put compassion and understanding at the top of the list of what should make us human. Stop looking at race or religion and look at the person. Do we still need this seperation between us?

Be an individual. Reach out your hand when someone needs it, no matter who they are or where they came from. Beause it's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you.

Living in the Western World it is hard to truely understand how the second and third world countries live. It would be ignorant for me to just say "change" and believe that it really is that easy.
But small steps are just as important and big leaps. And if we could all just lend that hand to one person each day, society, as a whole, would grow as a better place.

Pay it Forward

Anonymous said...

My name is Louise.

I'm 18 years old, and I have been beaten by my father for the last 4 years.

Yesterday I walked out the door, and into Jen's house. I know I'm safe there. I know she would never let anything happen to me.

Jen says that I'm her hero for being brave enough to put an end to a horrible situation.

Jen is mine for giving me a place to sleep. Sleep without worrying.


Kyle Harker said...

Thank you for your comment Louise.

You are a Strong Woman. No one can ever take that away from you. Be proud.

You are a hero.

Anonymous said...

Hi Again Everybody.

I hope it's OK to post here more than once.

Thanks Kyle. I'm trying to be strong. Having Jen on my side makes it easier. She came with me to the police station today to help me file charges, and to be my moral support. She's given me a place to stay without a second's hesitation.

From the point of view of someone's who's seen brute force, and amazing generosity, I can say without a second's hesitation that Jen is my idea of a hero. I will not let things slide by me without acting because of her example.


SiobhanCharlotte said...

So far I have taken a back seat and been inspired by everyone's contributions without sharing my own opinions. But yesterday evening an 11 year old boy was shot and killed whilst playing football with his friends... one of the suspects is only 14 years old.

I am aware that gun culture in England in increasing at an alarming pace, but this particular story has shocked me in to action. I strongly believe that within a few years nobody will be shocked at such events anymore unless we all do something to avoid it. Children like this victim, and even his killer, are our future. Now more than ever we need to concentrate on prevention.

Hero can be a massive step forwards for us. We have to take this opportunity to make what small difference we each can, then maybe together we can change the world!

Thanks x

SiobhanCharlotte said...

"The true perfection of man lies not in what man has, but in what man is" Oscar Wilde

Bex said...

For in the end, to whom or what are we accountable? To God? Ourselves? Or to each other? Future generations will not remember us for our houses, cars, and bank accounts, but rather for the integrity with which we live our lives. Anyone CAN be a hero. The ones who make a difference are those who WILL.

Val Hilliker said...

I see;
Commitment to change.
A deep caring about the future.
Cooperation in this project.
Courage to try something new.
Creativity in the way this is presented.
Determination in making our world a better place.
Purposefulness and unity in bringing this message to the world.
I see Love and Idealism and I'm loving it.
Now that I know what a hero is it is my sister and mentor.
Thank you! count me in.
Val Hilliker Comedy Ventriloquist

Anonymous said...

I want you to know about the people that hinder our efforts to make the world a better place. Understand that when I start scolding "You" I am actually not scolding you guys but these people out there that need a clue desperately

I spend my Saturday's just kind of relaxing, how about you?

Well, the Pakistan government spends their Saturday's, at least this one, test firing cruise missiles. They are very proud of their new bird which has a range of 350km and is air fired. It can carry various types of nuclear warheads.

President Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz congratulated the scientists and engineers involved in designing the new cruise missile. "Pakistans defense will continue to be strengthened as an imperative of national security,"

I can understand wanting to protect your country, but really, playing with toys like this is a no win scenario. Nuclear weapons were used as a deterent during the cold war, but now I think its time everyone realize that if anyone actually uses one it is just going to cause escalation. It will have long term affects on the land and the people who live in them, not to mention fall out. Someone needs to convince these people to look at how futile this is. Can't you spend your Saturday's with family and friends? Not testing weapons of mass destruction?

Yes, the US used atomic weapons at the end of World War II to get the Japanese to back down. I don't think they truly understood what they were doing at the time and after the fact realize what a horrible weapon they developed. It caused all countries including the US to put more research into developing these weapons so they could protect themselves from other coutries developing these weapons, thus the cold war. It really has gotten out of hand. I say stop it. Now, it is hard to get everyone to agree to dismantle these weapons that were developed because there will always be fear that the other countries haven't done so. But for the sake of our planet, stop making more.

Some third world countries are struggling like Pakistan to develop these weapons. They are doing this so they will not be considered third world countries but recognized as a nuclear power. You know guys, developing these weapons doesn't make everyone respect you. It makes you a target. You are putting a big fat bullseye on your people. Being a nuclear power puts you at more risk to your "National Security" than being a country without nuclear power. There are other ways to earn respect, for your country and it is doing the right thing. Try doing something different like pursuing peace. Be recognized as a country that has changed the world by pushing for peace than another country for other nuclear powers to program their nukes to target.

That goes for all the big dogs in the yard too. All of you can move this in another direction. Re-think your weapons development programs and start thinking about putting an equal effort into making peace. Look at all of the people that offered assistance to Peru after their disaster. More effort into that, than weapon development please.


Kelly Harker said...


I too am friends with JEN and she is also my hero. But please know this sweetie, you are also MY hero. I am so proud of you, and see the strength and courage shining from you like a beacon. By posting your experience with abuse on this blog page, you are helping to guide those living with abuse into the light. You are empowered. By standing up to him and saying "NO MORE", you are helping others to find their own strength and follow your lead. You are an inspiration. Know that you are heard. That you are loved. That you are a survivor.

Thank you Louise for sharing.

Now I wish to share something with you about my experience with abuse. I too have been abused by my father. From what I have come to learn- there is usually one person who controls a relationship, and that control is often based on money and power. Of course this is a false power and control, as it is not substantial.

True "power" is the power that one has inside of them- strength, kindness, courage, will and love. It is the ability to love unconditionally without harm or hate. My father did not have this power- the power to be a good man. A gentle man. I pity him now.

I was his victim. My mother was his victim. He made me feel as though I was lacking in some way, and because of that I developed a sense of isolation. I thought I was alone. That I was wrong somehow and should be ashamed. That I deserved to suffer, because I didn't have his money or "power". He made me believe that I was worthless. The more abuse I received, the more I was willing to accept it.

In my isolation, I became more and more angry at him. I hated him. But I felt I couldn't tell anyone. That no one wanted to listen. My emotions began to implode, and my anger turned into severe depression. I felt paralyzed. Unable to escape my situation. My life. My pain.

However, a HERO also touched my life and through her I learned to love myself again. To trust men. To trust myself. To believe in myself. TO BE STRONG. Now I have the power. The power to love without selfishness, without anger or fear. Only love. I love myself. I love being alive. I love my family. I love the women who are abuse survivors. I love you.

Stay strong Louise. My thoughts are with you.

Kelly xxx

catalyzt said...

True heroism, to me, starts when a person is completely honest with their self - honest about who they really are, what is really happening or what has happened. And then, after this brave start - they become true heroes when they have the courage to act on that truth.

Juli said...

Hero. What does this word really mean? Does it mean you will save me? Or will I save you?
Truly, it means we will both hold each other up equally, quietly with great care and kindness, through tears and laughter, a foundation of true calm and gentle strength for ourselves, our children, and our children's children. I know many heroes, and I know what a blessing we all are to each other.

Blessed be the Heroes.

-Juli A., Minneapolis, MN, USA

mae said...

I have an 8 year old who looks to me as his world, and yet he is MY hero. He has given me strength, enriched my world with wisdom and laughter, taught me to be selfless, and in return asks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 children whom I love with all my heart, and I "DO NOT" want them growing up thinking that war and brutality is normal, or that cruelty towards others is acceptable. I do not want my children to go through the same thing I did.

Anonymous said...

I read a book once about birds and agression. It talked about how, for a particular species (and please forgive me, this was pre internet and I was ten, so I haven't the faintest clue what particular bird this was) the optimum behavior for the species was to immediately flee when confronted with a territorial battle with another bird.(neither bird is hurt, both birds keep territory) However, for any individual bird, it was to the individual bird's advantage to be agressive and attack, as it was extremely likely that the other bird would flee, and the fighter would increase its hunting grounds. This only failed when said agressive bird encountered another agressive bird, and then one usually died and the other was injured. What basically happened was a balance, where most birds fled, and a few fought, and if too many fought, the problem corrected itself.

Using evolutionary arguments about humanity has led to a host of modern evils, from social darwinism to America's Next Top Model. However, I can't help but think about changing our view of what a hero is without thinking of the end result if we do change our role models for men. If we stop encouraging our young men to become violent sociopaths, have we created the ideal envioronment for a violent sociopath to thrive?

I look at this on a small scale, in my community, and in a large scale at nations. And I desperately hope I'm wrong.

Arfëa said...

My hero never really knew the way he impacted my life. He was an old man who lived just down the street from me. Everyday he would invite me to help him in his garden and I would go pull weeds and we would talk. He would ask me about my day and I would tell him what was going on. I would ask him how he was doing; now, though, I realize I never got to know about him (who he was what he had done in his life).

I could tell him anything what ever was going on he would listen and pray for me. He is my hero for the softly spoken words. For just listening to me. And I wish there was some way I could thank him.

Jamie said...

It's chilling that in a world where we see "Heroes" every day in every medium, 'heroes' are so very very few and far between

Cally said...

I look at my children and I worry about the sort of world there growing up in, where heroes are men that wage war, but then I look around me and see people who are kind spirited who wouldn't do you a bad turn if they couldn't do you a good one, who help in anyway they can. I'm told I'm like that and I figure that some of that will and has rubbed off on my kids.

The human race collectively is extraordinary, we have the ability to show great compassion and to do the right thing, we all know this, so lets stand up and be counted and prove that there is a hero inside all of us.

Wendy Scott said...

A few years ago now, I almost lost my mother while my parents were on holiday in New Zealand. Due to circumstances outside of my control, I or my brother were unable to join them and my sister at this time. The good news is that she recovered and, I'm pleased to say, still very much with us. On my parents's return to home, naturally she spoke at length of her experience and it was only when she told me that during the period when she thought she was losing her life, she would think of me and the strength that she feels that I have have to keep going and not give up, did I break down completely.

Here's the thing - my parents are heroes to me and it is still difficult, even though years have passed, to think that my mother relied on me in a manner which I would have never thought possible and this role-reversal still upsets me today.

We're conditioned to a degree to believe that heroes do the big thing, but it isn't - we're all heroes to someone.

Robin said...

Mankind can change... one man, or woman, at a time; it can change.

Tim said...

A Hero to me is somebody who will do or say something to you in order to relieve your discomfort, even if it is adds to their troubles or if they really don't want to. There is somebody who has done this for me today, and she knows exactly who she is.

Brenda Sorensen said...

Heros are around us everyday...they are the people who don't KNOW that they are Heros!

Laura said...

My hero is my friend Dawn who is a single mom raising a son with cystic fibrosis. Ever since he was diagnosed her attitude has been nothing but positive. No "poor me" "why did this happen to me". Instead she focuses on what she can do to help her son live a long a healthy life. She's also just an all around damn fine mom! She also survived an abusive marriage and hasn't let that skew her perception of the world. We've been friends for 11 years and have been through some good times and bad together. Her love for her friends is unconditional and she would do anything for them. She strives to be a better person for herself, for her son, for her family, and for her friends. She is such an example to me.

Anonymous said...

My sister is my hero. My mother, Saartje, Selina, Ollie and Robert, all hero's. Funny thing is they have no idea, I can whole heartedly say I would not be here if it weren't for them. I am glad I have the rest of my life to pay them back. Sq.x

Wendy Scott said...

We are rapidly approaching a new infamous date in our global history - 11th September - and the concept of heroism will be very much at the fore of our minds. Across the planet we will think about the courage shown by the NY police, firefighters, port authority, ambulance crews, those inside the Towers who did what they could to get whoever they could to get out - everyone acted without concern for themselves. This is the "Clark Kent" persona spoken about in an earlier post.

Is a definition of "heroism" also the same for "bravery"? Do we, therefore, use "hero" to describe the outcome for a brave act regardless of the circumstances where everyone survives? Where we can breathe the sigh of relief?

The UK's Channel 4 last week screened a documentary about the people who decided to jump from the WTC. They realised they were dead, that they couldn't be saved and yet they made the conscious decision that they would choose their end, a third way from the two options they were faced with. In their own way, they were just as heroic to make that decision as those who rushed to aid, those who cleared the site, those who tended the injuries, those who gave sanctuary and those identified the bodies.

beccy said...

My heroes are ordianry people who stand up and fight in extraordinary circumstances. Those who reailise that 'ye are many and they are few'. There should be no more pressure on men to be heroes than women. We are all heroes when we acknowledge, in any way however small, that no-one should be allowed to control another and to challenge that power is to act heroically.

Andrea said...

So far I have only added general thoughts on heroism but nothing personal. The reason for that is: thankfully, I have been spared personal tragedies so far. Another reason is, now that I think about it, that all the people I know are heroes.
My parents for doing their best in raising us. My sister, who is the most independent, yet reliable person I know. My best (female) friend who has gone through extreme hardships and does a fantastic job in raising her daughter - on her own. My best (male) friend who is gay and lost a lot of friends about that but never questioned an innate human goodness in all people. All of my friends in general for being generous and caring. My boss and collegues for being kind and never losing their temper.
What I want to say is, basically: Maybe we should stop defining heroes as people who do something special or do something for others and instead recognize everbody as a potential hero because they live by a implicit codex if civility. heroes.

jcm1701 said...

My father gets up everyday, including Saturday, and drives 2.5 hours to work, not in an air conditioned office building, but in Texas heat. He has worked this job for 20 years or so. He does not drive a fancy car, or even a car he likes. He does not ask for anything for his birthday or Christmas. He does this to make our family stronger. Once when I was about 14, my father and I went fishing in Galveston bay. It was a cold day and we had some little piece of crap boat that only worked when it wanted to but it was fun none the less. When we came back to the dock I tried to moor the boat and fell into the water, be it known that I was a big boy at the time, 6’6” 190 lbs in sweats and jeans and now soaking. My father lifted me out of the water with one hand sat me back on the boat and with the most country accent I have ever heard asked…. You alright boy?

I would like to think he’s rubbing off on me. I hope so, I am a 26 year old single father, I have a 4 year old daughter that I raise with the help of my mom and dad. We don’t live a lavish lifestyle but we are ever so grateful for what we do have and have accomplished as a family. I never hit my child, I was given “whoopins” as a boy and even though I want to sometimes, I do not. She is my best friend and the reason I keep on.

I am so scared that by the time she gets old enough to view the world in an objective manner, that we may very well no longer have a world worth living in.

Everyday I wake up hating the past, be it the wife that no longer loves me, or the jobs that used to pay so well, or even my own home that I used to have. But everyday I get up and do what I have to. I go to work, I’m going back to school, I’m writing movies and books that may or may not ever go anywhere, but I’m trying. I get that from my father.

If we as men never give up, and always try to “do the right thing”, how can we fail?

I grew up watching Star Trek, and if I learned nothing my whole life I learned one thing from that show. Honor, truth, justice, and love, these are the things that make me a man. Not money, not “bling”, not the clothes I wear or the car I drive.


Nick said...

She may not be able to make the whole world a better place, but she made mine. My mother, is my hero.

-Nicholas V. Sheets, 17.

meara282 said...

Over at the Estrogen Brigade, we decided to create our own little HERO project. This is a linked poem, all on topics related to the theme of HERO. Each writer would add a stanza on the next theme, using the previous writer's last line as her first line. We hope that you enjoy it.

HERO renga

1. gods – Kerrie Buis
What has happened to our gods?
Our old ways have abandoned us.
The ones who used to hold for us
Our mercy, our vengeance, all the good and the bad,
Now we must find ways of holding this for ourselves.

2. kindness -- Tiff
Now we must find ways of holding this for ourselves.
We must hold on to a kindness that has dissipated through the years
Slipped through our collective fingers like so many grains of sand
Like air through exhausted lungs fighting to breathe
We must gather to what kindness we find, and hold tight

3. Change – Regina Owen
We must gather to what kindness we find, and hold tight
To the idea that life need not be so cold and barren.
As change brought forth emptiness and hopelessness
Change can also bring kindness back to our hearts.
Our ever-changing world brings new understandings

4. soldier -- Tiffany
Our ever-changing world brings new understandings.
Our soldiers fighting for what we don't understand.
Our soldiers fighting for what we DO understand.
Let us be soldiers of Peace.
Let us be soldiers of Truth.

5. truth -- Angely
Let us be soldiers of Truth.
Let us act as the bringers of change.
United souls with truthful voices,
Bellwethers guiding through darkness and storm,
Not spot lit strangers striving alone.

6. Service -- Carissa
Not Spot lit Strangers Striving Alone
Instead...Together Let us Spread the Hidden Secret
So Easily Buried... Lost in Lies and Rhetoric
The Wisdom that Kings and Presidents Kill so as to Keep Silent:
That Only Those who Serve in Love, Truly Serve....

7. Man – Barbara MSD
That Only Those who Serve in Love, Truly Serve....
And let us decide--let us define, what it is, what it means, to be a man.
That power and strength are not found in the stubborn refusal to yield,
But in yielding, in giving, over and over, again and again,
And turning the clenching of fists into the opening of arms.

8. Violence -- Carissa
And Turning the Clenching of Fists into the Opening of Arms
The Lifted Knife into a Spoon
The Smoking Gun into Medicine
Choked, Strangled by Lack of Interest and Profit
Violence Dies an Unmourned Death

9. Culture – Anastasia
Violence dies an unmourned death
Opening up the world to a new culture
One of decency, of courage, of serenity
Where anyone can be a hero
With a kind word, an open mind, and a generous heart

10. Patience – Kara Zor-El
With a kind word, an open mind, and a generous heart
I tell myself I have to have patience when I am dealing with someone that (who) isn't listening.
Then the patience I practice allows me to hear what they say.
I listen and sometimes my perspective on the situation changes.
I can see both sides clearly and sometimes they are both the same.

11. war – Kerrie Buis
I can see both sides clearly and sometimes they are both the same:
There is no separation of the dead.
Released from the war, do they believe they died a hero's death?
Do they stop before moving on?
Do they try to comfort weeping mothers?

12. Woman -- Carissa
Do They Try to Comfort Weeping Mothers?
Lost Spirits Killed by Men without Hearts, Men without Conscience
Whose Dark Creation Brings only Suffering and Pain
Woman, Bringer of Life to All Peoples, All Nations!
Reach Out to Your Sisters and Become the Shield of Peace!

13. generosity – Robin Schneider
Reach Out to Your Sisters and Become the Shield of Peace!
Let your generosity pour over the people of all walks,
As a tender flood.
Give of yourself; reach for more than just the stars.
Reach for those who sit on the sidelines awaiting a touch.

14. participate -- Regina Owen
Reach for those who sit on the sidelines awaiting a touch.
Let that touch bring life to the call that awakens
The giving spirit, the caring heart, and the will to love unconditionally.
We can not succeed without their participation.
We can not nurture the world without a willingness to be open hearts.

15. love -- Tiff
We cannot nurture the world without a willingness to be open hearts.
In opening our hearts we must be unafraid of the vulnerability
that comes with love - for it is only with love that the world will heal
that the world will solidify into a bounty of heroes,
heroes made of compassion, love, and strength of heart

16. Society -- Carissa
Heroes made of Compassion, Love and Strength of Heart
Blooming, Growing, Stretching, Reaching, Daring, Being
Reaching Upward and Outward and Onward
Through all Peoples, all Religions, all Philosophies
Binding, Tying, Forging Society....... Anew

17. think – Pamela Dawn
Binding, Tying, Forging Society....... Anew
We don't have to think the same thoughts for this world to come together
Our heroes need not share in the idea that force and violence will win the day
Let us lead the world into a new age of peace, love and understanding
With strength of character, gentleness of hand, and kindness of thought

18. mercy – Robin Schneider
With strength of character, gentleness of hand, and kindness of thought.
The time has come to reach within ourselves,
To understand that our strength can be used for better.
We must reach a point where we no longer have people at our mercy.
We can show our mercy, our kindness, our compassion, and still show strength.

19. conformity – Tiff
We can show our mercy, our kindness, our compassion, and still show strength,
Still show our character without stepping into conformity.
Let your individuality stand out, let it shine.
Let it be a catalyst for the change needed by all.
Let your individuality be a beacon of hope.

20. peace -- Tiffany
Let your individuality be a beacon of hope.
Let this beacon lead us to a peaceful change.
Oh Serenity, won't you be our leader?
Oh to be free from the wars we fight.
Let us give Peace a fighting chance.

21. icons – Regina Owen
Let us give Peace a fighting chance.
Let us be inspired by images of peace, kindness and hope.
Let those icons be men whose life embodies strength of character
Not strength of muscle, nor strength by force.
Let our new icons redefine our perception of what it means to be a hero.

22. compassion -- Anastasia
Let our new icons redefine our perception of what it means to be a hero
Compassion is our banner now
One which we wave feverishly
In hopes that all will rise to meet our cause
Compassion builds character and from character comes heroism undefined

23. Future -- Bailey
Compassion builds character and from character comes heroism undefined
Our future seems cold and broken
Why are today's heroes so dark and frozen
We need a new light, lets end this fight
Bring me a future full of life and a hero worth holding

24. Vanity -- Angely
Bring me a future full of life and a hero worth holding
Accuse me of arrogance, of unending vanity.
Label me smug for believing it true--I know
My voice upraised cuts through the clamor of crowds,
That my choice of Heroes stands taller than giants.

25. Equality – Kelly Harker
That my choice of Heroes stands taller than giants.
Our voice is mighty and demands to be heard.
We will not believe the reality we are sold.
Without truth there can be no love only hate and fear.
The lies are weak and the truth is clear -we are all equal because we love.

26. weakness – Kara Zor-El
The lies are weak and the truth is clear -we are all equal because we love.
Are we really equal because we love? Some would say love is a weakness.
If love is a weakness then I want to be weak. Without love, I would have no strength.
It is confusing and contradicting, but I know for a fact that I do not want to be without it.
I will hold on to my love and it will give me strength, and my only weakness will be the fear of losing my love.

27. Virtue – Regina Owen
I will hold on to my love and it will give me strength, and my only weakness will be the fear of losing my love.
That fear shall not deter us from the path of righteousness.
Compassion, kindness, and patience will guide our path and our actions.
Courage, faith and hope will lead our heart to a path less traveled.
Our footsteps will show a more virtuous way for others to follow.

28. Strength – Barbara MSD
Our footsteps will show a more virtuous way for others to follow.
Those that come next will see our history, and learn from our shortcomings.
They will see where the past has failed us, and we will give them the courage to change it.
They will know that strength is not attained through initial perfection, but is forged through careful reparation.
From taking all the things that once were broken and loving enough to make them whole again.

29. Father – Kelly Harker
From taking all the things that once were broken and loving enough to make them whole again.
Let the child look to the father for love and strength without fear of harm.
True strength is not physical but the ability to control aggressiveness and muscle.
To adopt a new purpose in this life where kindness and love defeat power.
Our children deserve a world surrounded by heroes.

30. Children -- Eve
Our children deserve a world surrounded by heroes.
Our children should know only of truth and freedom, not the price paid for it.
Our Children are our immortality, our life, our beginning and our end.
They should be taught to play and run and jump, not just to surf and download.
Our children are our future heroes....Teach them well.

Anonymous said...

Lord Charles Fox speaking about the man who abolished the slave trade in the British empire:
When people speak of great men, they think of men like Napoleon - men of violence. Rarely do they think of peaceful men. But contrast the reception they will receive when they return home from their battles. Napoleon will arrive in pomp and in power, a man who's achieved the very summit of earthly ambition. And yet his dreams will be haunted by the oppressions of war. William Wilberforce, however, will return to his family, lay his head on his pillow and remember: the slave trade is no more.

Andrea said...

I don't have the words to express what watching has made me feel inside. I realize, now, that I've been married to a hero for nearly 17 years, someone who never gave up when times were tough, never threw in the towel even in the darkest hours. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Vanessa said...

Nelson Mandela once said: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It is not just in some of us, it is in everyone. And when we let out own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

Jesse said...

The hands of a hero must not be clenched.

The hands of a hero must have no blood on them.

The hands must be open, reaching, holding.

Jeff said...

I believe that children are born into this world knowing how to be heroes. They're brave, compassionate, and strong.

Somehow, we manage to teach them otherwise...

Anonymous said...

I'm so afraid that the love I give isn't enough.

John said...

I always worry when I read or hear someone say what I am about to say. Too often we make the commonplace heroic and as such lessen the goal we can strive for. The heroes in my life have given me a star to navigate by, target to strike, and a hope to grasp. When we alter the idea of hero to that which is heroic, we miss the potency of the greater than average hero. That is not to say that we are all capable of being heroes and living with heroic gestures. I love when we see the hero in many but that must be couched in an understanding that the concept of hero must be large enough so that it is not replaced be acceptable mediocrity.
But I digress....
My heroic images as a youth came from comics, Star Trek, Space Giants and my faith. Yet the figure who looms largest for me was my father. Now that may seem like a cop out after what I wrote previous to this but my Dad was a deeply flawed man, a smoker, sex addict and chronic cheater, yet for all that, he used his physical strength only to help others, he volunteered hours for church and community even with a limited education, ran large organizations but even more importantly, he NEVER missed the opportunity to help. He would pull his car over is he saw someone fall, even on the street. When driving through a dangerous local neighborhood, young men threw bottle at our can, my father pulled over and confronted them, not with violence but with the question..."why would you treat someone like that. He ran into two burning building on our block on two separate occasions after the Fire Department refused to enter and carried children to safety, he stopped an armed robbery on a street late night without a weapon and he cares for his 95 year old delusional mother in law with mind-boggling compassion.
HE is my dad, he is close to me and yet in my life I have tried to aspire to his range of passion, care and heroic deed.
I see in him more than the heroic, but the Hero. A man larger that our world seems to produce, deeply human and caring for others. His lack of violence, his use of will and strength for the good of others, even as he destroys his body with nicotine is a contradiction that draws me to better myself. To keep trying to be as good a man and as good a role model as he was and is.
Perhaps in him I see what Kirk could have been had he gotten past the need to use his fists.

denise gary said...

A hero stands up for what is right, even if she is hated for it in return.

Dorothy said...

I am moved to tears, not just by the Hero website, but by these posts. Thank you, Martin. This is a really important project. You've tapped into something. People don't watch shows like Firefly simply because they want to be entertained, but because they are searching for something that seems to be missing from the world. They are looking for heroes.

Toby said...

I just spent a good chunk of time reading every post, not because I have nothing better to do with my time, but because I believe in the importance of this project. Everyone has differing views and opinions, and the beauty of something like this is that everyone deserves a chance to be heard, whether or not we agree with what everyone has to say.

Honestly, I really just want to acknowledge a couple of things about this project: First, everyone that cares enough to contribute to something like this is at least taking a step down the path towards a better world, and yes, this is just my opinion, but I truly believe it, I don't think I am being naive. Everyone should feel proud of their contributions; I encourage you all not to rest on your laurels, keep making a difference. That's a hero.

And speaking of those who don't rest on their laurels, a couple of people deserve recognition above and beyond for their contributions to this project, and to the betterment of society: Martin Firrell, for starting the discussion, Kelly Harker, for being a defacto voice of the project (I discovered it through her, and wonder how many others she's brought on), and a young woman named Jen, from Community HERO. I don't know Jen, and I don't need to; what I do know is, if each one of us cared enough about the world to do just one of the many amazing things this young woman has done, the world truly would be a better place. The stories of her acts of kindness scattered throughout now hundreds of comments left on this site truly do bring me to tears, and I'm a grown man who considers myself relatively well balanced and not prone to fits of hysterical emotion (ie, I don't tear up that easily, probably because of that whole male machismo thing). Some people can tell good stories; Jen lives them, and you can tell by reading the many admiring tales of her selfless acts that she is a hero to many, many people. I won't recount everything, but Jen's actions, from taking a knife to prevent a friend from being wounded, to naming a star after a young woman after sitting by her side in the hospital up to her untimely passing, to the simple act of buying a cookie anonymously for a child whose mother couldn't afford it, these are things that many "ordinary" people don't do. But we could. Jen, I don't think I need to say this, but I will. You are a Hero.

Thanks once again, Martin, for starting the discussion. It's an important one.

Denise Gary said...

The light of kindness must always shine the brightest.

Anonymous said...

How can the world not be moved by the quiet dignity and strength of the Burmese people in the face of such monstrous tyranny and aggression? This is not the first uprising nor the first bloodbath in that country but it could be the last if we refuse to accept the shrugged shoulders and meaningless platitudes of our own leaders.

Drew said...

I heard about this project a ways back and finally watched part 2 and part 2.5. Part two made me cry. The part where Nathan talked about the time with his father really hit me.

I will be a father in the coming month. I don't know if I will have a boy or a girl but I will try my hardest to be a hero for them. A real hero who is a kind and loving father.

Joni Russell said...

I have a 10 year old son. He is physically strong, but his heart is stronger. He is becoming an "outsider" because he is not the typical boy. I try to fill him with the courage to be himself - to hug and kiss and cry, and run and jump and fly. I know he will face the pain of judgement. But I believe he will be one of the new heroes.

Javier said...

I must admit that I was so moved by this proyect, that I felt compelled to write, to add my voice to this movement. Picture me in my office cubicle with literally tears coming down my face as I read it.

It's very inspiring to be able to witness people like this in real life, and it can also feel very good to help people out in ghings as small as letting them cut in line in traffic, giving them that extra well-earned tip or asking about how's life going.

We are all one, its about time we started acting like it.

literarymystic said...

I'm a recovered alcoholic and I see a lot of heroes everyday. I have a lot of friends who used to be the worst friends you could have, and now they are some of the best friends I could have ever wished for. The men I'm talking about happen to be sober men but it is possible to live this kind of life, sober or not, tough guy or business man-Heroism is possible for any man, with a little work. The men I admire are sometimes kind of rough around the edges. They are men who look like tough guys on the outside but realize that true strength lies in the good ways they treat people-not in the way that they might take from them. Men who, while still retaining their playful boyishness, treat women with respect. Men who reach out their hands to welcome new friends, and hug old friends-without the fear of appearing weak. They are gentle and caring men who ironically appear stronger the more they practice kindness. These men show me that a good man is possible to find-I find these kind of men very attractive! These heroic men give me hope that I can raise my son to become like them, as well as a reminder that I can find a good man to love and be loved by someday. These men walk the walk and do the work to keep spiritually fit. Their spirituality is not seeped in dogma, but rather, it consists of their own conscious choices to do the next right thing. They practice things like accountability, honesty, and compassion. A hero is someone who acts. It takes a lot of courage to act, to do and to live what you believe. Doing the right thing even if it goes against the stream is heroic. Sharing what you have with others so that they might also become something more is heroic. Of course, it is not just with the men, it is within all of us to become these things and practice these heroic principals. We all could be heroes: First make a descision, then find some courage next you will need some strength and finally take some action! Wow! Imagine that! If we all just did even the simplest thing for someone else. It is within us to help others. We know what is right-it's that small voice that urges us to think of others, instead of always thinking about ourselves and what we will get out of it. Incidentally, it feels great and so that's what we get out of it!
Misty Dawn

Anonymous said...


....see nobilty and worth written in the eyes of an Afgan woman. RAGE against the tide... into sharp focus a single word..

NO...can you see it standing alone and defiant ?

NO.... I will not turn my back on your suffering.

NO.... against the weight of popuplar opinion.

NO... though indifference hides I will seek it out and bring it shocked into the early morning sunlight,to be gazed upon by a world born of heros, the people who say NO.

Passionate NO,

stark, singular of purpose.

A banner a word, just one... black on white, sister shadow to Hero.

Forever NO stands between a hero and defeat.

How beautiful the courageous heart of NO.

G Witcie Poo ..well so much for anon, flies off on broom with large NO banner fluttering in the breeze.

HiHo2Go said...

One of my long-time heroes has been my maternal grandmother, "Gramma Mez". She was the living definition of "love" and "home". She didn't have a formal education beyond primary school, yet she had this incredible quiet wisdom that I aspire to embody someday. Its as though through the years she developed this inner calm and serenity, but not resignation. She grew her own vegetables, even well into her 90's. She recycled & reused everything, although to her it was just being practical. She fed our stomachs with her special garlic bread, and fed our souls with her unconditional love. She showed us people, especially family, are more important than things.

I have to remind myself occasionally that she was an example to be followed. I get so caught up sometimes in our fast-paced, materialistic, media-driven culture, that I forget to slow down and appreciate what is around me, and to show genuine love for those I care about, and even those I do not know. I need to remember that my actions can speak just as loudly, if not louder, than my words, and that they stand as an example for those around me.

Thank you, Martin Firrell, and Nathan Fillion, for drawing our attention to this topic, and for reminding me that maybe I can be a hero, too.

Logan said...

Every day I have to fight myself to not strike out. Every day I want to hate and hurt. Every day I worry will be the one I fail.

I can't promise to always do the right thing, but I can promise to always grieve doing the wrong thing.

Anonymous said...

As usual, Martin's work moves me to tears.

Peace and love to you, Martin, and to you all.

Node said...

You shouldn't have to die to be remembered, nor should you have to live to be forgotten! We all see the light for how the world needs to be. If we can just assemble the pieces correctly to create the world in the way we see it to be!

Kelly Harker said...

Men abuse because of WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN, not because of what they feel. We need to change our cultures values and ideals about power, violence, and diversity. We need to start from a blank slate -TABULA RASA - unlearn what you have learned during your socialization process. Seek the truth.


We need to make our own choices based on our own understanding of our world and selves by refusing to be conditioned by our culture's prejudice and ego-centric values and beliefs. Just like the cycle of violence, there is also a cycle of hate growing in our society that's being fed by our ignorance. With every new generation this cycle of hate is apparent, as we see it guiding our children to hate those who are different; to kill; to conform.

Violence is a CHOICE. Do you not have a conscience? Do you not have a heart? Please choose to NOT choose use violence as a weapon or let hate suffocate our soul. Instead let us use our hearts and minds and remember that love goes a long way. Let your love be a present to the world.

MightyNavy said...

The heroes in my life have been few, but they have always been the ones that stay true to their beliefs, their convictions even when few or no others will stand with them. I have always tried to live that way, and be a good man but I know I can do better.

Ivy said...

A hero is the person who does the thing that must be done right now: faces the tyrant, speaks the truth, prays out loud, sings in the darkness, dances for joy.

Lily said...

The courage to get up every morning and face the day. The fortitude to keep walking when it seems too much. The strength to carry those who can't carry themselves. The courage to take a stand, a risk, an extra step. The love to bend down and help a child. All these make a hero.
Heroes are not just the big figures. They are also every person who ever tried to live up to the standards of heroism.

Anonymous said...

A true hero battles the monster without becoming it.

Ivy said...

I have been thinking for days about this conundrum, the conundrum of the hero. It is particularly on my mind as I contemplate what I have taught or have not taught my son. As the mother of a son I am in some part responsible for his beliefs about the nature of heroism. This is what I believe, and I hope I have passed this on:

It is in the nature of a hero to take action; it is in the nature of humans to be drawn to action. It seems to me, however, that what we have done is to confuse action with heroism. We have come to believe that heroism requires action; to believe that action, however wrong, constitutes a kind of heroism. Heroes do act, sometimes that act must be violent, but the act is not the heroism – it is the willingness to take a risk that is the heroism. The hero is willing to die, but he must also be willing to live and to allow his opponent to live.

Perhaps some of the violence that is committed in this beautiful world is committed because we have come to believe that action is what separates heroes from cowards. Perhaps we take violent action to prove that we are not cowards. Are we violent so we know we are not dead, so we can tell ourselves we are not cowards? Do we need to create a way of talking about the necessity of not-acting, of allowing ourselves the charity of not taking violent action?

When a man rapes a woman, in some part is this not a response to years of believing that a real man takes what he wants? When a man strikes a child, is it done in the belief that power over another makes physical punishment an appropriate action?

So, is there a way for us to talk about the risk that is an inherent part of heroism without that risk being only about violent action? Can we talk about heroism without an opponent, or with an opponent whom we can allow to live and live in dignity?

We need to talk about the heroism of not-acting and this is much harder than talking about the heroism of action. Not-acting is much less visible; we are hard-wired as humans to look at action. From the moment our eyes focus we look where there is movement, action, sound. But we can teach ourselves to see heroism in non-action, in the willingness to endure, in the willingness to persevere, and most particularly in the commitment to staying on the path of mercy.

By mercy I mean not only mercy towards those whom we believe have injured us and those we love, but mercy towards ourselves. Let us forgive ourselves, let us walk away from the fear of being thought a coward if we do not take violent action. Let us be merciful and let us celebrate the heroism of mercy.

We can do this: we have come to agree that fighting duels is not an acceptable way of settling differences, and while slavery still exists, civilized people agree that owning another human is not an acceptable economic system. We can make mercy part of what it means to be a hero. We can call a man a hero for that which he does not do, as well as for that which he does.

TJ Suttz said...

So here are some thoughts I have about heroes:

• Let's give men (and women) another template to exalt and emulate. Heroes are the exemplars of our times. They inspire. They teach. They make us reach beyond our current selves.

• We (men and women) all must be willing to cultivate the hero within ourselves; so that we are not so easily swayed by the “magnetism” and “fervour” of others. We need to cultivate a space in both our personal and collective psyches to do that.

• Primary or authentic emotions such as fear, sadness and hurt are often colluded by secondary emotions such as anger in a reaction to the first. Perhaps our heroes need to reconnect to their emotions, for without familiarity of this realm nothing can truly change. We are driven by our emotions (amygdala) – it is one of our most basic operating systems. Emotions tell us who we are in the world and how to react to it. It is only after we have had an emotional reaction that other more complex brain systems have a say in what we do.

• Heroes should be connected to their emotions – their hearts, such that others can connect and learn from them. Creativity stems from emotions. Heroes are able to tap into their own creativity – thus need not resort to cut and slash to achieve their ends.

• We as a public need to take responsibility for actively choosing our Heroes. And teach our children to do the same.

• We each need to heed the call to change our collective heroes – after all it is we who make them thus.

• We need to think critically and compassionately lest the hero, often all too human, throws himself upon the sword. And we, lazily, living vicariously, are impaled upon the blade as well.

• We are each a Hero in our own life. And we need to become aware of that fact. To work beyond the base of fear and cultivate connection in the face of adversity.

• How do we each in our own small way connect to that gentle authentic heroism that resides inside us all and help others realize that heroes needn’t abuse, maim, or kill – even in the softest of ways.

• Heroes are responsible.

• They do what they are called to do, but aren’t interested in taking what is not theirs to take.

• True Heroes are rare.

Leslie Milholland said...

We continue to equate the term HERO to a man. In my eyes, a HERO is the mother who struggles to raise strong, kind, thoughtful children in an ever-darkening world. A HERO is the teacher who takes devotes their whole person to see a child succeed. A HERO is someone who passes on the knowledge to enjoy the best of life and teaches new generations to survive its greatest struggles. A HERO is a woman like my mother, and her mother before her.

Kruse said...

Perhaps if we all eased up on each other bit, actually accepted that each and every one of us acts heroically sometimes and ALSO is a bit crap then I think the world would be a kinder place. We set up Heros, Gods and Icons for ourselves and then mock others when they do not come up to these impossible standards. People are always being exhorted to achieve, to do more, live more, look better, behave impeccably, attain, attain, attain. The pressure is appalling. So how would it be if we just said, "it's ok to be frail, flawed, ignorant; human?" Because let's face it, the very act of living is heroic. People getting up everyday and coping with a job they loathe to feed the family, or with a physical or mental impairment, with a crappy personality, with the shadow of a unhappy childhood, with a lack of understanding, with social ineptitude, whatever. I bet everyone reading this could tick at least one of those things against their name. So by acknowledging our unheroic selves we recognise that we are all, in fact, Hero's. But it is an acknowledgement done with compassion, tolerance and tenderness and it dosen't leave anyone out. Because to recognise only the 'firefighters,'or the "old man giving the last change in his pocket" and other saccharine archetypes as heroes means that we don't move ourselves to consider the young gang member who is part of the gang because it is how he can save his own life, or the drug addict who struggles and fails again and again to stop, as heroic. But I think they are; our 21st definition of a hero must begin to grow up. To step away from its Disneyfication and become something honest and humane.

Natalie Alvey said...

A Hero is so hard to define because it is different to everyone but a hero to me is a person who..
is themselves,is not afraid to be heard,fights for what is right, gives me reason to stand up when I am being pushed down,is a person who I admire,dont think they are a hero,never hold anyone back and do all these things without knowing how they are effecting others.

Kelly Harker said...

A hero is someone who chooses to embrace their compassionate side and reject agression. Within every human heart lies the capacity to both love and hate, and it is this constant struggle between the dark and light within our heart and soul that will make us who we are in the end. I know that it is the daily choices that I make that will determine whether or not I am truly a good person or not. Because I am fortunate to live with freedome of choice, I choose what I know to be morally right. I choose compassion over agression. I choose understanding over ignorance. I choose civil disobedience over blind duty and obedience. Some people are fortunate to never have to experience abuse or loss. Some people are fortunate because they never have to worry about money or have never had to go hungry. some people FEEL fortunate to never need charity or sympathy. I don't think that I've been unfortunate in my life, even though I've experienced abuse and sadness and loneliness because through these experiences I am able to be empathetic to others. I feel fortunate because I have experienced the compassion and good in people... those friends and family members and strangers who saw my pain and had chosen to listen and help and understand what I was going through. They are heroes because they loved me without selfishness. Because there are heroes in the world, I know everything will be okay. I am greatful for my life, and I am greatful for the heroes that that touched MY life and for those heroes like Martin Firrell who are bringing that ray of light and guiding those who are feeling lost and afraid and alone. The world is fortunate to have heroes like Martin Firrell and those who simply choose to embrace what is morally right.

Anonymous said...

I think your message is genuine however, the presentation is a little convoluted. I respect Nathan Fillion as a person, but only really know him as an actor, so to see his face juxtaposed against sentiments of soldiers seems ... odd. I think a lot more powerful things could result from this project if it were less about painting his face with light and more ethnography of the people you want to help.

It isn't a mystery why in Western culture white, young, attractive males are thought of as being hero's. You are perpetuating the stereotype with your supposedly candid interviews with Fillion.

If you want social change, you have to motivate it. You have to attack the system in an all encompassing way. Picking certain issues to battle only sheds light on other things that needs to be changed. There is a lot wrong with certain governmental bodies at power in the world right now, the masses, the people must choose to be educated about this before anything can get done.

I think you have the chance with this project to begin educating and coordinating. You can't just talk about what makes a hero. You need to just be that person because that is what is right.

Anonymous said...

I only discovered this site yesterday. It's taken a while to read the comments but I don't regret a single second.
I'm very glad to have found a site where people have the same ideals and can talk through things sensibly, fairly and openly.
I've never ever stopped to consider, before yesterday, what my definition of a hero was.
I guess, like everyone else, you always think of the childhood ideals you had, where Heroes are tv characters who always know what to do and it's all ok at the end of the episode.
However, after watching the videos, and reading the comments, I'm beginning to realise that somewhere in my life, I developed my own sense of what it means, to me, to be heroic.
It's the little the things that get people through the day, that are just as important as the 'bigger' acts of heroism.
I remember ages ago, seeing a movie called Pay it Forward. The one where you do something nice for a certain amount of people, then do it and pass it on..etc.
I remember thinking when people were saying what a great movie it was, why aren't you listening?
If everyone who saw that movie, would have done that, the world could have changed.
The different views on violence in the comments were intriguing. I'm not entirely sure what my views are yet but I do know that every life is sacred. I don't agree with unnecessary violence, but I also don't think extreme pacifism is the way forward. I'd hate to really have to hurt someone else, but if I'm honest, My life is not any more important that anyone elses, but it isn't any less important either.
Anyway, I guess I'm still thinking.

Kelly Harker said...

In response to Anonymous who wrote: "You are perpetuating the stereotype with your supposedly candid interviews with Fillion."

It's actually just the opposite. Martin is using a white anglo-saxon male (Nathan) as the face of HERO in order to take on the stereotype -to deconstruct our cultural concept of what a hero is/should look like by questioning and exploring the comic-book hero ideal (ex. Superman) stereotype.

It's a very clever juxtaposition between Nathan's character as Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds who is a very complex character being noble and generous but also very violent, and juxtaposing it with Nathan Filion himself, who is known for his good heart and generous, gentle nature. Nathan (being a white, Anglo-Saxon male) and part of popular culture is important because Martin is starting where everyone is familiar and comfortable with. He's exploring and questioning this cultural concept, and asking us to question it as well, in order to challenge our beliefs about what heroism is. What a hero looks like. And we can progress from there...

We have to ask how our morals and ideals became so blurred? We need to change our value systems and that is exactly what Martin is encouraging with this project.

Lily said...

Nathan's face is the epitome of the traditional western hero, what most American's think of when they imagine a hero. The picture is a visual of the "ideal" hero, while the text comments on what is truly meant when we refer to a hero. Without an image the presentation would just be an abstract of ideas, with it we can truly understand what they are representing. The traditional anglo-saxon hero is part of our culture, and not something that we can ignore.

Kelly Harker said...

I agree with Lily when she writes, "The traditional anglo-saxon hero is part of our culture, and not something that we can ignore."

That's why Martin is starting there. What we're all familiar with. But there IS much more to it. It's coming. Heroes aren't only anglo-saxon white 30-something males, and that's what he is wanting to explore. Martin is lifting the dark veil off the light. Uncovering truth and new areas that haven't been explored or have been too afraid to venture to. He's showing us something new. Martin Firrell really IS educating and motivating through his art and knowledge and that's truly amazing to me. His art is awe-inspiring and brilliant. Art is not and should not be one-sided, and neither should our values, beliefs, and opinions be. Just as art is multifaceted, so should our lives be.

Men should not live only to be brutal and dominant, just as women should not live only for beauty and servitude. It's time to use our OWN mind and make a concious decision about how we want to live our lives. We may all share a group consciousness in our love of freedom, but we don't need to hold the same collective identity or take comfort in pre-designed roles and manufactured values. We each have our own mind and our own heart and we need to start using them to their full potential. We are each stonger than we think. And it is Martin is providing that strength, that desire and knowledge and SPARK to get us moving and making change.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to pardon me if this isn't expressed terribly eloquently. I'm a waitress, and make my living through tips, not words.

My name is Karen-Anne McIntyre. My son's name is Ari. This month he went snowboarding with a group of friends, had a bad fall, and we doubt he'll ever walk again. This is my son who never walked when he oculd run. My son who never tried a sport he didn't love and do well.

And now he'll likely be in a chair for the rest of his life.

When his Jen, (his Community HERO leader) learned of the accident, she came up to his room, and didn't leave for 72 straight hours. I don't think she slept much during that time either. All she did was sit by his side, holding his hand, while they watched DVD's. No cape. No tights. Just someone sitting, laughing, being an oasis of happiness in a field of pitying looks.

He's smiling now. He's talking. He's determined to get up and 'see what he can do.'

And I think that's due, in large part, to a girl so unselfish that she gave up her time to sit and hold someone's hand.

Thank you Jen.

Kelly Harker said...

I don't know how a father can choose not to love his daughter. I suffered years of emotional, verbal, and physical abuse at the hands of my dad, and though my physical scars have faded, I still feel as though my soul is broken. If I faced the sun, would I cast a shadow? He has stolen a part of me, and I don't think I'll ever feel "whole" again. I went through hell because of him, and now everyday is an internal struggle to heal.

Living in his home was a nightmare. I wished and wished every day that I would turn to stone, so I couldn't feel anymore. I didn't want to feel. I think I did eventually turn to stone. My heart couldn't love anymore, and I just stopped crying. Stone. But even though I was stone, a flicker of fire ignited inside of me. Burning and wanting to grow into something beautiful and untamed and alive. One day it burned so wild, growing growing, until I finally got the fire back. I wanted to live. I stopped being stone, and my face stopped looking like a funeral. I remembered the strength that I had within myself.

There's one moment from my past that I re-play in my mind over and over, it both haunts me and gives me strength. It's the moment when my dad raised his hand to hit my face, but before he could, I caught his arm mid-air, and said "NO". I'll never forget the look on his face. Full of shock and anger and disappointment. But from that moment on, he knew he couldn't hurt me anymore, I wouldn't let him. From that moment on, he lost the right to call himself my father. From that moment on, I could finally start to heal. To live. I know that as long as I have that little flicker of light, I know that I'll never have to turn to stone again.

LG said...

I have learned from my experience so far that being a hero does not necessarily mean springing into action. It means knowing when to do so and when to be peaceful. Choosing not to take action is the hardest thing to do sometimes. I try to remember that "evil" is based on perception. That the other guy has a family. He/she is someone's child. They have individual experiences, fears and joys. Sometimes the enemy is not a person (most often I believe), it is a perception or an idea, a belief. With open dialogue and patience, we will become more capable of recognizing when action (whether it be military, charitable, legislative, etc.) is truly called for. Imagine if we could all be each others heroes.

Jamie said...

What a wonderful project. What a noble effort! A place to start - sometimes that's all we need.

To me, a Hero is someone who steps up and does what needs doing, because it's the right thing to do and it needs to be done. I read somewhere once that "Problems are meant to be solved by those who notice them" - and the ones who notice, and take action - those are the folks we inevitably consider heroes. It could be as simple as lending a co-worker a helping hand, giving some stranger's car in the parking lot a jump with your cables, or as big as defending some poor kid who's being beat up in the parking lot. So many people in this world have taken to putting on blinders as a form of survival - the bad things around them are "not my problem". But they are. They're everyone's problem. And it's the heroes that see that, and make a difference.

Thank you to the heroes who have crossed our paths, who are reading these posts, and who we have yet to encounter...

Anonymous said...

I think commonly the definition of a man in today’s society hinges greatly on superficial things. Men are judged by their measure of success in all things social and financial. A wealthy man who has done well for himself in his chosen career, and who has many friends and loved ones would appear to be a role model. I agree that if nothing else could ever be gleaned from this man’s existence I could not argue that he was a good man nor would I be able to say the opposite. But this isn't in and of itself something that constitutes a role model. It seems as if we've established a form of popularity contest mentality when it comes to selecting those we aspire to be like. But again, popularity does not a role model make!

Firrell uses a term in his opening video for his project, "Strength without Force". This is what struck me, not as a new concept, but rather as an excellent definition for what should define a male role-model. It takes a strong man to inspire others. Not a physically powerful man, but one who is strong in his convictions and determination to reach a goal. It is the "without force" component that truly makes a modern day male role model complete. There have been many men from the dawn of time until now that have had strength in their convictions but were not good men. Some were ruthless tyrants, others fear-mongers, but still a few were honest kind souls. Men who stood strong in the face of their opposition but through it all never impeached upon the liberties of others, nor did they cause harm in the process.

Below are qualities, which at least for me, are required for a modern day male role model along with a little explanation of each.

Strength: The ability to stand by your beliefs and defend them against those who would seek to corrupt them.

Wisdom: The ability to understand the world around you and the impact your actions will have upon it.

Compassion: The understanding that all people suffer as equally as you do, and the desire to relieve that suffering in others.

Morality: A personal understanding of justice and the human condition that guides action and evaluates consequences.

Equanimity: The ability to temper belief and emotion into understanding of all those around you.

Balance: An understanding that any belief if taken to an extreme is potentially harmful and the desire to maintain ones beliefs in a manner beneficial to society.

I have much more to say on this topic, but for now my mind has wrapped itself around enough abstracts for the time being. After it has a moment to cool down and absorb my thoughts I will revisit this topic and add more. Until then I hope you will visit Martin Firrell's project.

Redux said...

All I've ever wanted was to be a hero. To be the one that people look up to and say, "I want to be like him." I try to lead by example, I try to be kind, to be generous, and to stand up when no one else will.
If I can but change one life for the better because of my actions, then I am successful.

I'm young, and I'm still naive. But if I can one day have a son, there is nothing I want more than to be a good role model for him. To spread the knowledge that violence and hatred is never the answer, and that it takes real courage to stand up and say, "No, I will not accept this. This is wrong."

I believe that this HERO Project is the most important campaign we have today. Nothing else is going to change unless we change the mindset of the world.

Loreja said...

Violence is about control.
Control is an illusion.
Tolerance is about empathy.
empathy is real.

Anonymous said...

There is a masculine mastery of women that is accepted by our society, and it has created a prison for womanhood.

When I was sixteen years old I was raped.

He was cute and talented and smart and funny and I trusted him -I loved him -but when I said "no" he didn't listen. He heard but chose not to listen. Did I not have a voice? Did I noy say "no"? Yes, I did. I remember screaming it to him, and him looking at me with darkness in his eyes. I remember that exact moment when I didn't know him anymore, the exact moment when he broke my heart, the exact moment when I became a victim. He held me down and I said "no"... "no, no, please, no", and I started to cry and panic filled my body, but he held me down and he made me a victim. He was cute and telented and smart and he was funny and I trusted him, I loved him, and he made me a victim. I was sixteen years old, and the first boy that I loved, raped me.

When I was fourteen years old my father tried to kill my mother.

I was my fathers second victim, my mother, his first. It was years before my mom told me what really happened during that car ride, when he drove her to an isolated place and intended to kill her with his pocket knife. "He pushed me out of the truck and I hurt my ankle and I started crying, and he couldn't go through with it", my mom tells me years later. She never looks me in the eyes when she tells me this. I remember that afternoon clearly now, I replay it over and over as if somehow I can change it all. I am skipping in the driveway and seeing my mom came home with my dad, climbing out of the truck with crutches under her arms. "She twisted her ankle getting out of the truck", he says to me. I believe him. My mom goes into the house to start dinner, and he sits down at the table.

The first time a guy hit me, I was eight years old.

He was my first boyfriend, and he was much older than me. I told him I didn't want to be his girlfriend anymore and he hit me, with the back of his hand, hard across the face. I cried and he told me to grow up.

I want you to know that I'm not a victim anymore. I am free from that prison. I have my autonomy, a conscience and consciousness. I have a busy, active mind, and I have many internal resources. I think and percieve the world with heart and mind and soul combined. I can still ove with all of my heart without clinging to bitterness and hate like a parasite. I am still able to love and laugh and feel happiness and light and beauty in the world. I love being a woman -everything about it.

I do not live by a virtue of being a "damsel" waiting for her knight. Many women still believe this to be their destiny -to be saved by a man. I don't need saving. No woman needs a man to save her -she is powerful and can find the strength within herself. A powerful woman who is autonomous and intelligent and beautiful should not be afraid to be who she is. I think that a HEROINE is a woman who is empowered.

Masculine judgement and superiority has oppressed women throughout history, and so to me a heroine is a woman who DOES NOT bend and mold herself to fit into a "doll house".

There's always internal stuggles as well as external barriers to conquer, but if we realize how strong we really are, how empowered we are, and if we make a conscious decision to think with our brain and not our beauty, then we will find freedom from any prison that confines us.

"I took my power in my Hand-
And went against the World-
'Twas not so much as David - had -
But I - was twice as bold -
I aimed my Pebble - but myself
Was all the one that fell -
Was it Goliath - was too large -
Or was myself - too small?"

-Emily Dickinson

kimxfan said...

How do I convince my son that it's not necessary to be a big tough guy with a gun when all he sees around him are people preparing for the end of the world?
Why did providing for and protecting your family turn back into having a gun?
It's easy to convince him that the things he sees on TV and in the movies are just for entertainment. But how do I keep the real people in his life from turning him into a gun toating reactionary.
My father is the man I always wanted my son to be. The kind of man who goes about his daily life, making a contribution to people in general. The kind of man everyone likes, gets along with, and wants to be around. Someone who made his kids feel special and was always proud of them. Who only owns a bee bee gun to keep the foxes away from the chickens.

Jennifer Doane, Woodstock CT said...

It has become commonplace, and almost expected for fathers to abandon their children in our society today. How do I teach my 12year old daughter, who was abandoned by her father at age 7, how to trust and love good men? The only example she has had so far is that men who love you leave you when they are tired of you. I think our whole country and the whole world accepts this as commonplace and we are raising a society of women who believe they deserve to be abandoned by those they choose as their heroes. Its a vicious cycle because daughters abandoned by the men who are supposed to be their role models for good men, grow up and marry those same exact type of men so that when they have children they too are abandoned. How do we end this? I think its by teaching women and girls what a real hero is as opposed to the rogue love them and leave them type we are taught almost from birth to be attracted too.

Kell said...

Take a look (if you're not too busy), and you'll see that the information age has betrayed us. We're told what to eat, what to watch, what to feel, who to fear, who to hate. We need to think and feel for ourselves. Let's sift through the misinformation and dig up the real truth.

Here's the truth - happiness, health, peace, and compassion are afterthoughts. No one is willing to sacrice the time to think. Everyone is too busy to give a damn. But I give a damn. I think and feel. I hear. I see.

I cry.

The world is a nightmare, and I'm waiting for it to wake up.

But the nightmare is real.

Kelly Harker said...

I want to tell everyone about three of my favourite people in this world -MARTIN FIRRELL, NATHAN FILLION, and JEN JOHNSTON.

I've recently had the opportunity to meet my mentor and HERO, the amazing MARTIN FIRRELL. He has a kind of magic about him. He has the most amazing mind, and open heart. If you have watched the HERO project, or have read any of his writing, you know how great he is, and so there's no need to go into details. But he IS a hero. He is a leader; he is an inspiration; he is that spark of light that is igniting a motion for positive social change. He is full of compassion and motivation, and because of him I can see the world staring to pay attention, and following suit, with compassion as their motivation. He is creating action for change. ...And whenever he sends me on a HERO type related agent catwoman mission thingy, he always says please first, and then afterwards I get a COOKIE. :)

Another person that I must give special mention to is NATHAN FILLION. He's my favourite Canadian (he does us Canadians proud). I don't know him personally, but I've only ever heard good things about this guy. And apparently his head is like, 3 times bigger than anyone else's head. Neat!!! I admire Nathan because he lives his life being kind to others. I share in that belief as well- that kindness should be a way of life, and not the exception.

There is a third HERO. And if you have been reading through the blog posts on this blog site, you may already know who I'm going to be talking about next. I want to talk about JEN JOHNSTON (...of Community HERO). She is a beacon of kindness and hope. JEN is a gift to this world, and anyone who knows her is truly blessed. She is a HERO. There's no doubt. I think that JEN is the cure for a world suffering from illness. In a world sick with hate, violence, fear, abandonment, and greed, this single amazing woman has brought hope, peace, laughter, companionship, generosity, love, warmth, shelter, opportunity, and kindness to every life that she has touched. Jen is the personification of awesomeness.

Those are my heroes.

Sarah said...

Right now, think about what you do for a living. In what ways do you contibute through your work? It's is one thing to blog about ideals, but it is something real to examine the 40 hours a week spent working, and affirm to yourself that those hours are not only paying you a wage, but improving the world around you. Articulate three ways in which you contribute through your work. Will anyone post? I am a teacher. I teach skills that I believe will improve the lives of my students. I help develop character. I do my best to love them. What do you do? Post yourself.

Ivy Vann said...

This is in answer to Sarah.

What a great question: what are we doing?

Here's what I'm doing: in my work-work I am trying to build a sustainable neighborhood -- little, green-built houses engineered to encourage community; in my volunteer work I cook and serve (with the help of a group of great people) a community dinner every Tuesday night; in my spiritual life I try to assume that everyone deserves grace and compassion.

I'm pretty ordinary and I bet there are lots of us out here doing our bit.

Lynna said...

Good post.

Kell Harker said...

I don't know why anyone would want to go to war.

Kauritree - From The Tribe Of Healing Elders said...

Most people has a relatively good sense of their own personal power and how strong it is.

It takes humility to step back and not automatically react to conflict.

It takes kindness to pause and actively listen to another person and decipher the underlying message and discover the pain behind hateful words or acts.

It takes empathy to place yourself in the shoes of another and see their point of view.

It takes grace not to retaliate in defence of yourself.

And it takes compassion, after all is said and done, to still extend your hand in friendship.

All these gestures in the face of conflict is what I believe wisdom imbues.

And for many of us, it is life lessons that have taught us how to be this way.

And through our acts of kindness we can inspire others to do the same.

Wisdom can be taught. Wisdom can be passed on. Wisdom can save humanity from war.

~ Peace be the journey.

Wendy said...

I am so glad that this is here again and it has been interesting to re-read the entries.

Since Martin started on this project, I find myself musing on the concept of "hero" quite often and thankfully find myself open to questions.

In our heads, we all play at being "heroic" - be it putting on shop-bought mask, mentally adopting a different persona and it never fails to thrill me to come across people who do it for real. Who, without question, put their lives on the line in order for the likes of me to be able to carry on my life.

I believe I said this before, but let's say it again; you don't have to achieve something BIG to be a hero - it's the little things that have the greatest impact: a door being held open, the giving up of a seat, saying thank you, asking if someone is okay and having the strength to take on their pain, being brave enough to take someone's hand and walking with them through whatever difficulty they face, giving someone your time. Sometimes it's hard,sometimes it's easy, but how can we not and still look each other in the collective eye?

Kauritree - From The Tribe Of Healing Elders said...

I just read Wendy's post, and it's a timely reminder of what power a small act of random kindness can have on another human being. Small miracles, everyday is the path that a hero walks. So often we walk in a shroud of clouded grey, feeling invisible and feeling unimportant. It's incredibly uplifting to hear kind words and be given recognition from another person. We feel as if, for the first time that day, someone has "seen" us. And that we are worthy of attention. It's a gift that one human being can give to another.

Sabrina Supertramp said...

Today I watched an amazing film called Into The Wild. The film is inspired by the true journey of Chris 'Alex Supertramp' McCandless. Having never known the story of Chris before watching this film, it moved me ways I never thought it could. The film followed the life of Chris, a young man who after graduating from college decided to give away his life's savings to charity and head into the world alone with minimal provisions. His purpose was to experience life away from evils of society and experience nature in the most liberating way possible. He travelled alone hoping to reach his destination, which was the wilderness of Alaska. After a year of travelling and experiencing the natrual landscape of America he reached Alaska. There he found shelter in an abandoned bus where he lived for a while but eventually died of starvation. Along the way of his travels, under the alias name Alex Supertramp, he met people who became his friends and added to his experiences. Yet always, Chris remained true to his solitary, meaningful path. His final words in his journal were: 'I have lived a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all.'

Chris' two year journey was amazing, beautiful and so humble in its quest. The film illustrated this for me and and learning about his life since watching the film has really impacted me. Chris is incredibly inspring as it is rare to find a person that can leave everything they know and love behind and head out into a world unknown without maps, money or compasses and explore the world in a free way tied to nothing but his own soul. I can only hope that one day I too can possess the strength that Chris embraced, and have the passion, commitment and drive to follow the purity of my own dreams and see and feel this world without the taints of society. To experience the world in total freedom, to understand the nature of hapiness and to cherish the value of human connection are all important elements and experiences I hope to have one day as Chris so bravely did...

Chris McCandless is my Hero.

Kauritree - From The Tribe Of Healing Elders said...

I've seen Into The Wild and found it to be tragically beautiful. What I loved about Chris was how he simplified his philosophy of life. He shed the complexities that we build upon ourselves as a society and stayed true to his vision of self. He was probably more alive than most of us have every dared to allow ourselves to feel. He was indeed... a hero.

Ian Williams, Norfolk said...

Heroism is the only true example of altruism in its purest form, and a truly altruistic act, whatever that might be, is that of a hero.

Kauritree - From The Tribe Of Healing Elders said...

Reading through these comments I've seen alot of hope... as well as alot of anger, which surprises me. It's human nature to contemplate our place in the Universe and who it is we would like to emulate. A person who we can take strength from so that we can slowly build our courage up to change or enhance our lives.

For one man, it may be to take up arms. For another it may be the arduous task of putting both feet on the floor in the morning and breathing in and out when all seems lost.

In this format we are able to glimpse different definations on what a hero means to others, thus being able to open our minds and expand our knowledge, experience and perceptions through others. I don't know whether I am saddened or disturbed by some of the negative comments I've seen here. But I am quite certain that at least 2 people who blogged do not see themselves as heroes.

It is vitally important to be a hero in your own life. To recognise when you achieved that state of being and to acknowledge it. If you don't see how you have little triumphs in your life on a daily basis then you are quite likely not be able to recognise it in others. Being a hero isn't about being merely tough and strong. It's about being willing to follow your moral compass and sticking to your guns, not necessarily about picking them up.

Each person here blogging should be their own personal hero first. If they want to grow in their heroism then examples can be found here. I find it absurd that people are writing and condemning others and their beliefs on what a hero is. Each story brings light to what may have been a dark space in a person's life.

Life lessons are about the choices we make. You can decide to be a harbinger of darkness or you can make a conscious decision to become a lightbringer. I don't think that the world has gotten worse, I think we are becoming aware that we have a lot more power to make a difference and we continue to squander that gift on a daily basis. People are now more self aware than ever. That's why Martin's projects are important. It's gathering those who are now ready to say..."I'm making a choice that is positive and beneficial". "I'm at a stage in my life where I am now ready to make a difference and learn from others how to do it in a way that is appropriate for me".

My question to those who are negative and naysayers is this... "Are you ready to make a difference? Are you ready to be a HERO"?

~Peace be the journey

Anonymous said...

This may seem like a smaller or less important statement compared to the talk of war and fighting, of people sucumbing to the worst parts of human nature and doing terrible things.... but my hero is quite simply my mother.

I am a 34 year old man and, looking back at the life I have lived so far, I realise that the rock on which everything has been built is the unconditional love I have had all my life. Even when I turned from a sweet kid into a confused and permanantly angry teenager who pushed everyone away, she was there..... sometimes just silent with a cup of tea, sometimes swallowing back kind words as she knew they would not help. But always she has been there.

Even when my father died at the age of 68 and the world crumbled around her she would not give up.... she fought the agony of lonliness and grief, building a new life and learning to do all the things that Dad had done. My admiration for this single act of personal bravery, in fighting the blackness when it seems to swell all around, is perhaps without limit.

To my mother Margaret, always and forever..... I love you.

Nick, London W14

Julie said...

My Hero is my Husband,we have been Married for 24 years, out of those for 20 he has been my carer, as well as working full time.

He comes home from work looks after me, cooks, and always shows and says he loves me, he is a man who puts others before himself.

To me true hero's are those who are strong and caring.

Amy Prescott said...

In my eyes, heroes are everyday. They carry people's shopping, they help your grandmother across the road, they give money to the homeless, so on and so forth. I just like the idea of the unknown hero. The humanitarian hero, I guess. Someone who restores your faith in the human race with a seemly insignificant action.

jaxomsride said...

A hero is an ordinary person doing extraordinary things, not for fame or glory but because they can't not do them.

A hero is someone who faces the challenge although scared and shaking inside because they need to.

Dr BL Newton said...

During moments of crisis, people can find themselves having a moment of heroism. These moments fade, however, over time.

The real test of heroism is not being unselfish for a moment, but a lifetime. A person that can, day-in and day-out, be unselfish with each little choice, be truthful and honest with themselves as well as others, and who understands in their heart that to love others is more important than anything else in this world, that is a person who is a hero.

Such a honest humble person who sacrifices the little things as well as the large, who finds the strength the tell the truth when they could get away with a little lie, and who has the amazing courage to live this way every day, well, there are very few people who fit this bill.

Those that do, those that will suffer the pain of an integrity-filled unselfish life, those are complete heroes to me.

Jackie E. Burns said...

A hero is someone who puts their own personal gain, safety, or needs to one side whilst providing a service, a deed, or reaction in support of someone in greater need than themselves. A complete hero is someone who does all of this in the face of great peril or great pain. And sometimes has to do it over, and over again...

Carla Joy said...

What is a hero? A hero is the kid I knew in second grade who stood up to the fourth-grader trying to bully him. I don't even remember his name, but he set the standard for heroes in my mind. A hero is the friend who made me tell on myself when I told a lie on someone we knew in college. A hero is my mother, for adopting us when no one else would, and for telling us that made us "special" and "chosen." A hero is that person who not only knows what's right, but tries to do something about it, maybe not in a big way, but just in those small ways that mark themselves in other lives...someone who knows that being brave makes you feel good, even when everything goes wrong. I hope to be a hero some day.

Kauritree - From The Tribe Of Healing Elders said...

I believe it is vitally important to allow the voice of the quiet hero to be heard. It's the voice that has the strength to say NO when conflict and adversity challenges us and dares us to defy them. It's the voice that has the strength to say YES... I can do that. I deserve that. I will work towards that.

The quiet hero sometimes whisperers but if allowed, has the capacity to roar. It is the voice each of us is born with. It is the voice that the noise of the outside world and it's distractions has dominated and silenced for far too long.

It's important that you use your voice to evoke change that is beneficial to all. The voice is mine, the voice is yours. The quiet hero is YOU.

Joe said...

A hero is someone who is willing to sacrifice himself because he values the life of others; a belief in people. A hero is what makes people believe in themselves.

Joe said...

A hero is someone who is willing to sacrifice himself because he values the life of others; a belief in people. A hero is what makes people believe in themselves.

gaiajo said...

A hero stands. He stands where it is hard to stand, where it is lonley to stand, where it is cold and scary, and yet he stands. When it is unpopular but right he stands. When he gets knocked down YOU blink in fear but when you open your eyes- he still stands. When you are in the presence of a hero you know it. And when you thank a hero, he looks down and keeps standing. I know a hero - I never want to know this world without one.
Blessings to all our Heroes.
Let's work to raise more Heroes, never forget children are our future and they learn from those before them.

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Some food items will harm your pearly whites quicker than others. You need to prevent having sweet treats and any kind of foods that may be as well rich in sugars. Prevent ingesting really cold or hot refreshments and stay away from caffeine if you want your teeth to be white-colored. Consume by way of a straw to lower damages on your teeth. Let people know you are offering portable marketing in each and every method for you to. Talking about it on the weblog, internet site, and forums will advise your potential customers in the software, and present them the details they must participate. Use social network to get clients in, through providing promotions only accessible through the cellular system. [url=]Louboutin[/url]

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When coaching challenging to develop muscle tissue, ensure that you consume a lot of carbohydrates. Carbs give your system with all the sugar which it requirements for energy. When you're working hard you want vitality to live. Failing to eat adequate carbohydrate food could lead to the body wearing down muscle to supply it using the healthy proteins and carbohydrate food that it needs to survive. [url=]Mbt Outlet[/url]
Preserve any cardboard boxes and pieces of paper luggage inside the weeks leading as much as your camping journey. You may use a few of the the bins to transport products, naturally, but they are also just the thing for beginning fires. Laundry washing lint from the clothes dryer display screen also makes great kindling to get a flame. [url=]Abercrombie Australia[/url]
When you are discovering a whole new gaming console system, ensure that your television set will manage the new gaming method. Several of the more mature television sets will not likely give you the video gaming expertise as well as the newer ones. Take into consideration getting a new high-definition t . v . when you visit invest in a new video gaming process. [url=]Nike Vintage[/url]
One of the things that you can do in order to slow down your getting older is always to keep a good way of life. As an example, using tobacco constricts veins and helps prevent o2 and important nutrients from reaching the skin. This kind of behavior only aid boost aging, so it is recommended to avoid these items. [url=]Beats By Dre[/url]
You are unable to have an mlm business without a mobile phone. Your team and probable sign-ups have to truly feel you are accessible throughout standard organization hrs, plus a mobile phone will provide you with the flexibility of having the capacity to go out and satisfy people without having missing out on just one phone. A smart phone may also permit you to grab email on the move. Choosing the right vehicle insurance organization or prepare can be an exhausting and overpowering experience. With the amount of different options to pick from, it's obvious why more and more people don't know where to begin. This informative article includes numerous tips on how to find the appropriate car insurance plan and company to suit your needs. [url=]Nike Heels[/url]

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Stay occupied. As an alternative to working on your ringing in ears, fill up your life with routines you enjoy and targets you want to reach. Once you cease focusing on your tinnitus, you might be able to overlook it since you're just way too occupied taking pleasure in existence. Use up a sport or head out with friends enjoy yourself anything at all you wish to invest some time undertaking will help you. [url=]Beats By Dre Australia[/url]
When you're getting an older vehicle look at other resources for required financing in order to prevent needing to carry collision car insurance insurance on the motor vehicle exactly where it could not pay out to obtain this kind of protection. No-car financing or discovering the bucks all by yourself are methods of preventing needing to hold collision auto insurance insurance. [url=]Vibram Five Fingers Sydney[/url]
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Ignore those who place you straight down for declaring your self bankrupt. Many people could not probable are aware of the issues you've experienced. By declaring bankruptcy you, are taking control of fiscal potential. Also, coping with the mistake of your own prior. Keep in mind, for all that appears to you with disgust, there is certainly someone else looking at you admiringly. [url=]Oakley Sunglasses Australia[/url]
Before you decide on a new credit card, be certain you see the fine print. Credit card providers have been in business for several years now, and are conscious of approaches to make more cash at the costs. Be sure to browse the agreement 100 %, before signing to make sure that you will be not agreeing to a thing that will cause harm to you down the road. As a parent, restrict your child's time playing games. While xbox game enjoying in and also of is not bad, it is not specifically best for your kids to play several hours on hrs of games. Established a clock for the kid to aid restrict his video game actively playing time. [url=]Tiffany And Co Melbourne[/url]

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Prior to going out on your trip, one important thing you need to validate is your cell phone is charged to total capability. At times, you could exhaust petrol or may feel a fail to function properly together with your fishing boat. In this particular event, it is important to have the capacity to require assist. [url=]Nike Free Run Womens[/url]
There exists usually some time to indulge your self and search very good. Even though you are only able to make a few minutes of your time every day for several beauty therapy, you can expect to feel great for it. With all the assistance using this report, you are now far better establish to make best use of that point.Sprucing The Fruit juice, Change Your Ordinary Refreshments [url=]Outlet Mbt[/url]
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An excellent trip for all those Currency trading traders, the two first-timers and vets, would be to trade everything you see rather than what you would like to see. Often times men and women fall in love with a selected foreign currency match regardless of the genuine figures. Take your passion from the online game and buy and sell along with your brain. [url=]Jeremy Scott Wings[/url]
Whenever you request jewellery as a gift, make certain that those shopping for you understand your tastes! When you loathe the style of golden, allow it to be known. Unless you use earrings, tell individuals! It is advisable to obtain a gift item you can expect to like as an alternative to depart the consumer holding and baffled of what to obtain. Simply because you're operating a blog, that doesn't signify your web site doesn't ought to look great. Each and every weblog needs to be appealing, so spend some time to layout an appealing internet site. Most hosts may have web template equipment you can use, so make the most out of them with the addition of appealing characteristics which will truly burst when folks go to your web page. [url=]Beats Headphones[/url]

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If you're contemplating relocating to a different state and need to take your own health care insurance insurance coverage together with you, contact your company and ensure that your insurance rewards will likely be transferable to this new area. Some medical health insurance guidelines are simply great at designated regional regions, and it's wise to find that details prior to you making your relocate. Unusual, but real, wood ash will help lighten your the teeth. Wood ash posesses a compound that can chlorine bleach your pearly whites referred to as potassium hydroxide. The small crystals help to scrape away from trouble in challenging to attain places and definately will wash your tooth clean. To work with it you are able to combine it with tooth paste or input it right on your tooth brush. [url=]Beats Headphones Australia[/url]

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Every web page of your own internet site needs to have a method to go back to the primary site, or "house." This makes sure that when customers browse through much deeper into your internet site, they always have a means to commence above when they shed place of what acquired them to the webpage they are on currently. [url=]Abercrombie[/url]
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If you want to have an outdoor wedding, that is fantastic, however there is one particular warning. Regardless of what the weather conditions forecast is, any time you own an outdoor festivity it is vital that you have a back strategy. This means you must schedule your outside wedding party within the backyard garden of any major property. [url=]Beats By Dre Australia[/url]
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Make sure you have plenty of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. Acquire dietary supplements if you need to. Some nutritional vitamins like Vitamin A, Supplement B6, Vit C, Vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc are very important for preventing acne. Vitamin C, vitamin e antioxidant and Selenium are wonderful herbal antioxidants. Vitamin antioxidants are very important in preventing further more acne breakouts. If you have indoor allergies due to dust particles and mold, it is possible to decrease them by switching your surroundings. Tend not to set carpets and rugs on the flooring, this will provide a hiding spot for dust mites. Wash your bedding often. Also you can use particular pillow situations, which do not allow dust mites to conceal inside your bedroom pillows. [url=]Timberland Boots Australia[/url]

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Exercise deep breathing to assist you unwind while focusing once you tackle the the game of golf golf ball. This process will assist your swing and allow you to stay away from swing stress faults. The most severe action you can take for your game is strategy it with a lot of pressure and stress, so just chill out for any far better game of golf. [url=]Nike Shox Online[/url]
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If you're thinking of declaring bankruptcy, it is crucial that you just examine what events and behaviors helped bring anyone to this aspect. When unpredicted health care bills can't continually be evaded, unrestrained splurging throughout buying trips can easily be prevented. If you have trouble spending too much money, you may want to discover support or else you will end up in cases like this once again. [url=]Tiffany And Co[/url]
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To spark feedback and activity within your social media, manage polls with fascinating queries. Facebook includes a very good attribute for this. Polls usually go a bit popular within social media, and also act as very good discussion starters with the customers and fans. It can also generate treasure troves of stats will goal your demographics better. Frequent exercise is a superb anxiety reducer. Use up wandering, sprinting, going swimming, cycling, aerobic exercises or belly dancing. When you exercise, your whole body produces endorphins which help to elevate your mood. These hormones also behave as organic discomfort killers, therefore lowering the anxiety that constant pain could bring. Add more regular exercise to the routine, and enjoy your worries melt away. [url=]Nike Jordan[/url]

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The initial step to take when you are trying to restoration your credit ranking is to request the yearly, no-price copy of your credit track record. Given that your credit report consists of all the information that is utilized to tabulate your credit ranking, search it tightly for almost any mistakes. Pay distinct attention to the records these days repayments and make certain that the level of financial debt outlined for every open up bank account is proper. Should you location any incorrect data on your credit report, dispute these problems with the revealing organization along with the credit history bureau. [url=]Fake Oakley Sunglasses[/url]
Ensure that the coverage is completely seem when reviewing the policy for the real estate property you want to buy! Ensure there may be absolutely nothing secret from the fine print that can end up charging you over time. Even though a place might seem ideal for you, it can be as well excellent to be real. [url=]Louboutin Australia[/url]
You need to uncover the ability of neighborhood "farming." The simplest way to assess the industrial property is simply by understanding the area in which it can be situated. This can be accomplished by participating in wide open houses, conversing with the area proprietors and retaining an eyes out for all types of openings. [url=]Louboutin[/url]
Prepare your day, but permit oneself the opportunity change plans. Folks have a tendency to package a full day so filled with stuff that they end up tired and unhappy in what they may have accomplished. Figure out how to fully grasp if you are pressing oneself too difficult and need a break. It is completely appropriate to share with your self you are tired and you will probably complete issues the next day. Rubies, which are commonly referred to as standard birthstone for anyone given birth to during the four weeks of July, tend to be shown to signify unarguable excitement, strength, and feelings of passionate love. Beautiful, deeply coloured, rich reddish colored rubies are great as a focal point for both precious metals wedding rings, necklaces, charms, and jewelry. [url=]Supra Footwear[/url]

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If you are suffering from significant sleeping disorders, consider asking your physician about this. Your medical professional can provide you with excellent advice that could seriously help relaxation a lot more soundly. During your pregnancy, it is very important in order to get yourself a whole evening of sleeping and your physician might be able to recommend some valuable stuff to make it simpler. [url=]Tiffany And Co[/url]
Understand that you might have to place a number of your own sensations and viewpoints apart. Every one of your friends and relations associates would want to keep the man or woman with malignancy and there will undoubtedly be disagreements about the easiest way to do this. Maintain points as stress free as you possibly can and go on a take a step back if you need to. [url=]Ralph Lauren Australia[/url]
The simpleness of enjoying wines starts with a foundation of knowledge. That groundwork commences when you look for an schooling. Your wines training may start these days by reading this article article entirely and collecting the recommendations inside for your own use. This will likely cause numerous years of excellent entertainment. [url=]Michael Kors Handbags Australia[/url]
There is not any disputing the truth that Foreign exchange might be a fantastic pathway to fiscal stability for those by using a strong understand of their fundamentals. It is very important for virtually any would-be forex trader to discover whenever possible about profitable strategies and techniques. By benefiting from the recommendation on this page, anyone could have the ability to grow your own fortune through Fx trading.Learning To Be A Smart Shopper: Advice About Coupon codes [url=]Jeremy Scott Adidas[/url]
To spend decrease home insurance monthly premiums, install a home security process. Insurance carriers typically give a discount of 5% or higher, to residences which may have a taken care of burglar alarm system. You may have to pay out much more for your home security system up front, although the purchase will save you money in the long run. If you use various devices or pcs and peripheral products, use power pieces. Employing power pieces inhibits inefficient electricity use as the pieces ensure your tools are only drawing energy if they are utilized. Appliances, mobile devices and computers pull potential even while they are not being used when you connect them straight into an wall plug. [url=]Adidas Jeremy Scott Australia[/url]

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When showing your home to potential buyers, make sure you de-mess before inviting them into what could be their brand new home. Load up away the little stuff that you do not feel reveal a inviting space for these people. You need to create your residence appear open up with lots of space for them to shift their points in. [url=]Beats By Dre Australia[/url]
Utilize a stringent procedure that makes certain clean skin. If you are fatigued or perhaps not, skipping a encounter cleaning is simply aiding your acne to go on. Come up with a timetable and means of cleaning your facial skin successfully and stay with it, regardless of the scenarios. It is recommended to be taking up your time and effort diligently. [url=]Vibram Five Fingers[/url]
An important part in protecting against tooth slight discoloration is to not chew your fingernails. Biting your fingernails leads to problems for the enamel of your the teeth making them more susceptible to discoloration. [url=]Mbt Scarpe[/url]
Be certain you not set typical products on your face, in particular those that happen to be aromatic. Products that are designed for hands and wrists or any other pieces of your body may make your skin greasy, irritate your epidermis, and cause pimples. As an alternative, you can use a cream which is manufactured exclusively for the face. [url=]Nike Blazer[/url]
Living in a location that recognizes schedule freezing conditions, be sure to take action and also hardwearing . piping from becoming iced also. There are actually a wide variety of techniques to keep the piping from very cold, which can help you prevent injury to your property and expensive maintenance. Make sure that your web site style is successful on every web browser. Your html coding may possibly look fantastic in Firefox, but it may be askew in Online Explorer. You must learn the best way things look in all web browsers and then code in a way that simply leaves your blog seeking a similar on every single preferred browser. [url=]Vibram Five Fingers Sydney[/url]

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Be sure that you do your finish of your investigation and know what organization you happen to be putting your signature on with. The ideas over are a great begin your research for the ideal organization. With any luck , you are going to reduce your cost at the same time!Reliable Suggestions For Managing Your Credit Cards [url=]Air Max Australia[/url]
Ensure you purchase a tent that may be adequate enough for your needs. A lot of people wind up populated within a tent for no reason at all. Camping tents are lightweight and also small, so there is not any explanation not to have ample space once you purchase a tent. Be sure you're acquiring for convenience. [url=]Nike Shox Online[/url]
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Make sure to hang out looking each into the upcoming and also the past. As you get more aged it is easy to reminisce and believe that you have resided your life. Understand that even if you have acquired all you have established to accomplish, there is a lot more to live for. [url=]Timberland Boots[/url]
By studying through the excellent obstructive sleep apnea recommendations found in this article, you are ready to face your condition directly. Whilst you may struggle to eliminate the trouble entirely, you are going to really feel well informed and begin doing work towards that most-significant objective, a great night's rest.Diet regime As Well As Your Recollection: How You Can Take in Far better Microwaving a citrus or possibly a lime for a couple of seconds can relieve the juices. Occasionally the lemon or lime at a grocery store is not really as new as it could be, so that it is tough to liquid. In the event you microwave it for 10 mere seconds, then roll it involving the palm and also the countertop it is going to launch a lot more juice. [url=]Beats Headphones Australia[/url]

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Try going for a cozy bathroom with lavender in the water before bed to rest you and decrease your blood pressure, thus reducing the amount of your tinnitus and helping you to fall asleep swiftly. It will help one to ease the worries through your time which can also help with reducing the signs and symptoms of ringing in ears. [url=]Beats Headphones Australia[/url]
Make a saltwater nasal apply in your own home should you suffer from allergic reactions. This will considerably assist any nose blockage you might have. To accomplish this, basically combine one half a teaspoon of salt with 8 oz . of water in a squirt package. Then, only use the spray within your nose area as if you could have with almost every other sinus apply. [url=]Abercrombie And Fitch[/url]
Rest assured in on your own when evaluating for positions. If you are positive about your skills and expertise it would show through in the talk to. Confidence and the ability to guide are qualities that employers seek out. There are actually possibly a lot of entitled job hunters evaluating for the same situation, so ensure that you stand out from others. [url=]Abercrombie[/url]
If you are getting vino for a large get together and therefore are not sure what things to purchase, permit statistics be your guideline. About, seventy-five percent of individuals are acknowledged to prefer red-colored wine. While it is generally a smart idea to have white-colored wines on hand, experiencing mainly reddish colored wine beverages is a great idea if you do not know your friends and relatives prefer or else. [url=]Michael Kors[/url]
A great way to minimize the effect of collections around the eyes is usually to wear eyeglasses. Furthermore this protect against squinting and triggering crows toes, but eyeglasses block the sun from striking those higher wrinkle places and damaging the facial skin. So wearing shades carries a double result on the anti-process of getting older. If you notice your allergic reactions appear to be more serious in the home than outside, check what air flow fresheners you may have close to. Specific plug-in sort air fresheners have been shown to produce allergies in a good number of individuals, and when these offending oxygen fresheners were actually taken away, the allergic reaction were much enhanced. [url=]Nike Blazer[/url]

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An individual evaluations are often extremely accurate in representations of the grade of the application. Needless to say, you need to ensure that you have more than just one or two evaluations, however, if you will find, and if the iphone app has a number of or 5 superstars, you have to be good to go. [url=]Timberland Australia[/url]
Steer clear of cleaning locks when it's drenched should you be worried about hair thinning. Your hair is at risk of harm when it is wet, and brushing it within this state will have a tendency to damage and move it all out a lot more than if the hair is dried up. It's wise to lightly soft towel dried out and after that allow it to dried up normally. [url=]Scarpe Mbt[/url]
Plastic surgery will not generally mean breast implants, or botox treatment for wealthy ladies which have nothing at all preferable to do. Often, assurance might be greater for those who have been in crashes, or have scar issues left over. Remember the suggestions in this post, to help you pick the best surgeon to suit your needs!Care For Your Again By Using These Effortless Ideas [url=]Oakley Australia[/url]
For any fast mug of flavored coffee, use powdered flavoured creamers. You can even use flavored dairy products creamers. This lets you get pleasure from a cup of recently made flavoured caffeine rapidly. This way, you do not must include syrup and milk products. It is possible to ignore a step and obtain on the way speedier. [url=]Nike Blazer Femme[/url]
Never ever skip your contact to action. Your video ought to have the goal of netting a purchase or clickthrough. Always ask the viewer to accomplish some thing at or near to the conclusion of your video clip. It may be anything from actually acquiring your products or services to simply creating a remark concerning the video clip on its own. Generally generate a answer. If you are intending for taking an effective take pictures of look at what is in the again soil. You do not want unneeded stuff inside the back again soil of your respective image like cars, light-weight poles, and many others. A basic back ground is always much better and is not going to get away from the topic. [url=]Beats Headphones[/url]

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